Altar castings

Alpha Omega

Alpha and omega symbolize the beginning and the end. "Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End." (Rev 22:13)



The lamb is a symbol of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit - is depicted as a dove. It symbolizes the purification of sins. The Holy Spirit revealed himself at the baptism of Jesus in Jordan (Ł 3.22 and Jn 1:32). It represents inspiration, eternity, purity, tenderness, eternity. Appears mainly at the sacrament of baptism. and Confirmation.


Ears of corn and vines

Ears of corn and vinesEucharistic symbols symbolizing bread and wine


IHS, PX, Marian symbols

IHS - Jesus Hominum Salvator, the symbol belongs to the so-called Christograms
PX is a monogram consisting of two Greek letters X and P. These are letters Ch and R, i.e. the first two letters of the title Jesus - Christ - Messiah


Other altar symbols

A pelican feeding its cubs with its own blood symbolizes the highest sacrifice, is a sign of Jesus' sacrifice, symbolizing his blood.
Fish and bread - bread and fish Jesus multiplied so that people who listen to his teachings could eat. They are a symbol of God's gift to us. Fish and bread were blessed many times by Jesus. The fish itself symbolizes the sign of Christians.
Ox, lion, eagle, man - symbol of four evangelists and the Gospel itself.
Lily - Christ's body, purity, virginity, royal dignity
Rose - eternal wisdom, martyrdom, the passion of Christ, transience, mystery, eternity
Chalice and host - a symbol of the New Covenant between Christ and God's people. Symbol of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, established at the Last Supper (therefore often used for First Holy Communion).
The eye in the triangle - a symbol of Divine Providence and the Holy Trinity.
Crown of thorns - a symbol of the Passion of the Lord
Cross - a symbol of Jesus' suffering and death

Altar casts - altar sculptures made of brass.

They are placed in the presbytery on the pulpit, altar, baptismal font, antepedium, etc.