Bells, gongs

Altar bells

Altar bells - an idiophon consisting of four bells of different sizes, mounted on a cross suspension. It is used during mass by the liturgical service, giving the faithful a sign to kneel or stand up. They are often made of metal, one of the common and proven solutions are brass bells. They are richly decorated, and their size and type also depend on the temple in which they are to be used.



Gong is a musical instrument used in the Catholic Church during mass. The product of our liturgical equipment for the rite is a gong made of brass.
We have several types of gongs to choose from: 1-tone, 2-tone, 3-tone. The gong bowl is set on a decorative cast base.
We have these bases in different styles so you can adapt it to the interior of the church and its purpose.
Gongs were made in our workshop as the highest quality product, thanks to which it will serve in the mass ceremony for many years.
A special hammer is attached to the gong


Liturgical wall bells

Liturgical wall bells are hang on the wall at the entrance to the presbytery. It is used to start the mass. during the entry of the priest and liturgical service, giving the faithful a sign that the mass would begin.
The signatures are made of brass, they can be richly decorated, they are hung on a decorative boom adapted to the style of the interior.
An embroidered sash with pull handle is attached to the bell.